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Productivity Powerhouse-  7 Hacks To Accomplish More, In Less Time

It’s no secret that we live in a fast paced, consumption based society where the opportunity to be distracted by all noise is incredibly easy but, don’t let this happen to you.

Here are 7 productivity hacks that have helped me accomplish more, feel less stressed and

more satisfied in my work, and life.

1. Be Sure What You Are Spending Time On What Is Really Important

Don’t get caught in the sling of spending time on a project or task that upper management doesn’t endorse as important. Be clear on their expectations and goals, both short and long term, and work toward accomplishing tasks surrounding those goals.

I love this quote by Steven Covey; “Before you begin scrambling up the ladder of success, make sure it’s leaning against the right building”

2. Join the 3% Club

Did you know that of the 243 million adults in the United States, that only 3 % or, about 7.3 million have goals that are written down? That’s an incredibly small number, wouldn’t you agree? Writing your goals down makes them tangible, allows you to see the big picture, and schedule the little tasks needed to accomplish the larger goals. Join the 3% club, I promise it’s worth the membership cost.

3. Create Your Daily “To Do” List The Night Before

Sitting down each evening or, at the end of the work day and creating your task list for the following day increases efficiency and productivity exponentially. It allows you to begin your day with your mission already planned, time to gather any necessary items or supplies, and allows time to alert others that may be needed to accomplish the tasks for the day. Also, be sure to reference your written goal list when creating your daily “To Do” list to ensure your tasks align with your goals.

4. Implement the “Sticky Note Philosophy”

I created this technique to help me focus on the important projects of the day. When you’re creating your daily task list on a 3 x 3 sticky note, there isn’t a lot of room for fluff so it forces you to pare down and focus on the essential items. If you finish your list early, you can always pull out another sticky note and start a brand-new list; here’s to feeling like a superstar.

5. Schedule In Time Blocks

When creating your daily “To Do” list on the 3 x 3 sticky note, assign a start and finish time for each item. Insert a cushion of time to allow for projects that may take a little extra time than scheduled or, for an important unscheduled interruption.

6. The Alerts

Who wouldn’t get distracted with every ping, beep and ding of our phones, tablets and computers? The solution is easy, silence the noise. Creating time blocks to return texts, emails and phone calls throughout the day, will allow you to control your day, your time and your energy.

7. Create A Morning Routine

This is one of the most transformative techniques I’ve put into place. I wake at 5:00 am, yes, I know it seems offensively early but it’s not that difficult after a few days. For one hour I journal, read, exercise and brainstorm. I find that this is one of the most accomplished timeslots of my day. I can think, plan, strategize, and reflect and because of its positive impact on my work and life, I practice this routine even on the weekends now.

Are you ready to be a Productivity Powerhouse?

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